Welcome to your home away from home

We believe that you and your best friend deserve to spend more time together. So we have taken the guess work out of shopping for the best pet food & accessory deals, allowing you to focus on what time dinner is, opening that delicious pack of fishy wet treats, and where you plan to throw the ball next - You know, the REAL important stuff. PetStore.co.za is more than simply an online pet store where you can purchase ALL your furry-friend's goodies. In fact, we are a good pal that you trust knowing that we have your back. We are that friend that gives you something to smile about. Treats run out? No problem, just give us a click and we will have a new pack ready and waiting on your doorstep. Need some advice? We've got you! We have an experienced team ready to give you a helping paw. No bark, meow, chatter or chirp is too big for us. When your best friend is needing, we'll come skipping.