4 Funny Things Dogs Do

4 Funny Things Dogs Do

Do you want to find out what fun stuff your dog can do? This article will unearth funny things your dogs do that you are missing. Keep reading to discover!

Dog's have coexisted with humans for centuries. Hence, they have adapted our funny nature, at least mine have! Their ability to understand human emotion is excellent, and they quickly figure out what we find funny. We are just unaware of how intelligent and witty they are.

But quite often miss out on the shenanigans our dogs do because we are not much aware of the funny side our dogs possess. So let’s learn some funny and quirky things that dogs do under our noses that we fail to notice. 

There you go, guys!

1. Chasing Around Their Tails

A lot of dogs may be seen running behind their tails. It appears to be swirling in the same position, making it funny. The activity may last only a few seconds or continue for several minutes.

What's even funnier is that younger puppies do not consider their tails part of their bodies, which is a common misconception. Adult dogs, on the other hand, do it to relieve boredom.

2. Rolling On The Ground

Whenever dogs are playful, they tend to roll on the ground. But there is a twist, which is also seen as a way of self-caressing. They roll on the ground to cool themselves off whenever the dogs get heated up. 

Interestingly, it can also invite fellow pets to join the fun and play with them. Who knew dogs could be this friendly.

3. Biting Their Tails

The majority of dogs bite their tails regularly. So, in certain circumstances, it could be a general playful activity. But, on the other hand, It's a stress-relieving fidgeting technique. This looks so funny, and we might not know, but dogs do it for fun.

However, if the dog bites the same spot repeatedly and vigorously, it could indicate a parasite infestation such as lice.

Tip: If your dog is biting its tail excessively, this can lead to self-harm as well, and it is a cue for you to take your pet to the vet.

4. Dogs Kick When You Scratch Them

Ever wondered why your dog kicks when you scratch it? It's because they have a scratch reflex. Mostly, people find it amusing and assume that the dog is enjoying them. But sadly, that's not the case here. 

The scratch response is triggered when the dog detects a tickle or something that irritates the skin. When this happens, the dog's nerve endings send signals to its rear legs, which cause them to move instinctively and spontaneously to get rid of the itch.


That was all, and I hope this article was as amusing as the dogs are. But always remember to keep an eye out for odd signs that your dog shows, or if your dog does a particular behavior excessively, then this is something you should consult with your vet.


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