10 Fun Games to Play with Your Dog This Summer

10 Fun Games to Play with Your Dog This Summer

Dogs are lively and playful if you keep them as pets. Dogs love to play games which help them bond with their owners. The games also give them a sense of achievement and obedience to the owner. If you have a pet dog and you're wondering what you must play with it, we will tell you 10 fun games to play with your dog this summer.


Playing frisbee is the most favorite activity of dogs. Dogs love to run around chasing a flying objects. You only need some open space like a park or a beach to play this game. This is an economical and fun game to play with your dog.


Dogs also love to play hide and seek, just like children. You can hide and let your dog’s find you. This game also polishes the sniffling behavior of your dogs. You don't even need large spaces to play this game.


Dogs love to play with colorful objects, and they love to chase these bubbles. There are many companies producing bubbles that are safe for your pets. Dogs love to jump and break these bubbles with their nose. They also love to chase these colorful transitory balls.


Dogs love to play with water, especially in summer. It also helps to protect their bodies from heat stress. If you have a lake or a beach near your house, you can put your dog on a leash and play with your dog.


The dogs love to obey their owners because they are very faithful animals. Use rubber balls and toys to play these games with your pets. Dogs hold these fetching balls in their jaws. Therefore, you must use soft rubber balls to avoid any damage to their jaws. Throw the ball away and allow your pet to bring it back to you. Dogs can even search for hidden objects due to their sniffing power.


You can play this famous childhood game with your dog as well. This game can teach your dog to pick the correct signal at the right time. You can also use this game to give obedience training for multiple signals like sitting, standing, or walking. 


Dogs have an instinct to find buried objects. It also helps them to polish their sniffing and digging capabilities. You can let your dog smell a toy, then bury it and let your pet find this hidden treasure.


Another useful skill you can teach your dog is muscle control. You can teach this skill to your dog by playing simple games like yoga and statue games. You can tell your dog to become a statue for a while. Doing regular yoga can help you relax as well.


The dogs love to play games using their sniffing power. You can arrange a game with clues to find a hidden object for your dog. This game will also improve their cognitive abilities to link the clues and find the objects.


These games are more like command training for the dogs. You can start with simple commands using physical signs to teach the dog. You can point your hand to signal them to run, roll over and sit, etc.


Dogs are very smart animals with some of the best cognitive capabilities as compared to any other pet. You can read and use 10 fun games to play with your dog this summer to help them make a stronger bond with you.


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